Last Day on Earth Survival Mod Apk 1.14.1 Download For Android & iOS

Last Day on Earth Survival Mod Apk

Last Day on Earth Survival Mod Apk 1.14.1 Hack & Cheats 2019 Free Download for Android No Root & iOS No Jailbreak (Unlimited Money) – is a FREE MMORPG zombie shooter survival and strategy zombie game, where all survivors are driven by one target: stay alive, survive and craft weapon as long as you can in this post apocalypse game and shoot walking dead zombies. You will not see any analogues among other zombie games. A deadly plague virus pandemic has turned the world into a dead zone full of unkilled zombies and monsters. You will need survival craft skills.

The survival shooter Last Day on Earth Survival mod apk is set in a post apocalyptic world: in 2027 the world saw an outbreak of an unknown infection that destroyed almost all the human race. And it didn’t stop there. All those dead started turning into zombies and those few survivors that have resistance in their blood are trying to survive on the ruins of the once great world.

Explore the large and deep-laid world of Last Day on Earth Survival mod apk! Upgrade your hero, equip your house, loot abandoned territories, hunt wild animals and other survivors – the new world has new rules.

Will you survive in conditions like these? If so, what price are you ready to pay?


Last Day on Earth Survival Mod Apk 1.14.1 Hack & Cheats FEATURES:


Download Last Day on Earth Survival Mod Apk 1.14.1 Hack & Cheats For ANDROID & iOS:


Download Last Day on Earth Survival Mod Apk 1.14.1 For ANDROID NO ROOT:
Last-Day-Mod-Apk-1.14.1.apk – 194.8 MB / MIRROR LINK

Download Last Day on Earth Survival HACK & CHEATS FOR iOS NO JAILBREAK:
Last Day on Earth Survival Hack For iOS / iPhone / iPad

WHAT’S NEW in Last Day on Earth Survival Mod Apk 1.14.1 Latest Version:
– Radioactive Storm happens once in seven days.
– Hunger and thirst added in Sector 7.
– New medicines are added in Sector 7, but be careful: too much antibiotics leads to overdose.
– Now players can place workbenches on their own on the location Outpost.
– Bonfire and Rain Catcher added.
– New rank in clan is Right Hand
– Resource locations are now randomly generated.


Last Day on Earth Google Play Store:
Download Last Day on Earth: Survival on Android

Last Day on Earth App Store:
Download Last Day On Earth: Survival on iOS

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    • 1. Download any file explorer (I recommend Ed file explorer)
      2. Go to internal storage then Android then data and then you’ll see a file named zombie.survival.craft.z,that file
      3. Move it anywhere or in your backup folder
      4. Delete last day on earth
      5. Download the modded last day on earth
      6.Move the zombie.survival.craft.z folder to the data folder
      7. Open The modded last day on earth and bam

  1. How do I save my game progress when I have to update the game? I don’t wanna have to start over every time a new game version comes out.

  2. The purchase progress is bugged
    When i try to buy something from the store it says tjat its unavailable, while the prices are 0 already.
    Help me.

  3. Could you please change the mod for android because I can’t buy anything in the shop (except gasoline), and why the event spawning is take so long until now

  4. l cant connect to playgames bro so tht l can upload my progress how to fix but it work great

  5. I cant get the link for ios version. It take me to tweak box download page. I didnt see any think related to the game. I tried the tutorial in the video.

  6. I cant get the download link. It take me to the tweakbox page. I tried the tutorial in the “how to” video. I didnt see any think related to the game. Could u or someone send me the download link for the ios version. Thanks a lot!

  7. Please tell me
    How to hack with root device
    I would like to connect google play games
    Thanks bro.

  8. I can craft the bear trap and the radio tower and I can’t place then on the farm. Ideas?

  9. Everytime I try purchase something from the shop for coins.

    It states “oops something went wrong”

    “Service Temporarily Unavailable”.

    Please could you assist me

  10. Iam ios when i oben game i found mod and every thing okey but i dont found data how to download data on ios

  11. Godisgamer… I have a problem with the apk files… They cant download the game. pls make sure what the problem is.

  12. Dude can u upload ur save? I really want to play with that. Can u update the mod too to 1.8.5? Love ur work. Keep it up

  13. Greetings Godis, would you pass me your files folder? I would like to have your game save files. Please

  14. Greetings Godis, would you pass me your files folder? I would like to have your game save files. Please.

  15. What’s the difference in the versions, because the original appointment doesn’t have the mod.

  16. Can’t download the mod apk, it stuck in the I have no problem while download the previous version mod apk.

  17. hello friends i want explorar pack how can i purchase free from ldoe market(store) pls someone tell.
    or if someone have obb data file of skill pack and gaschopper atv pls share with me pls.

  18. Hey, thanks for the mod mate, but i cant download it for iOS, im stuck at tweakbox page and everytime i refresh it i get on that site again, TLDR i cant download it for iOS. Any help?

  19. Mod is working and everything is ok…. But when i replaced files to get my progress the game asked me for update…. What can i do?

  20. Hi Master. Can you make mod with “GodMod” (unlimited health or a “Fast Kill”?

  21. Hi Matser! Can you make mod with function GodMode (unlimited health) or Fast Kill (one hit kill)?

  22. once you played with the modded apk can you go back to the non-modded apk and play with your saved data?

    • some usage of gold are meaning to decrease the gold, like growing puppies, and finishing foods/parts. you can increase the amount of gold by spending it in buying energy and gasoline.

  23. some transactions is meant to decrease the amount of gold. but you can increase it by spending it on buying energy or gasoline.

  24. yo, is your YT? channel gone? it keeps saying “video not available” when I try to watch

  25. Hello thank you for the mod but i dont have the missions for the raiders is it normal ? Must i do something ?

  26. Once the initial Install is done, it attempts to do a secondary download, which fails? Any clues?

  27. Godisagamer If want play no cheat anymore and play ori apk with save data mod.. I will be banned or not?

  28. Godisagamer.. If I play no cheat anymore.. And play ori apk with mod save data.. i will be banned or not?

  29. I still have hacked version of 1.8.5 and not the original version then I go to install 1.8.6 it won’t install any ideas

  30. How to get new version for non-jailbroken iOS device without deleting 1.8.5 data before installing 1.8.6

  31. Hello I’m having problems with ldoe I don’t want to sound like I’m dumb but I need help because every time I start the hack on my zte phone it’s in Chinese I believe and then when I try to get passed it a message pops ups but I can’t read it the only thing that I could is that it said 311m so I thought it was just space but I wasn’t

  32. Please can You give your android/data file (in files anda cache) it is not obb please i need your data

  33. I`m curious if its possible to connect this modded game to the normal game? Just curious since its possible the other way around.

  34. Please update last day on earth to last version 10 july 2018. Because update 7 july 2018 not working anymore

  35. Please update last day on earth to last version on 9 july 2018 because update 7 july 2018 not working anymore

  36. Hey there !!
    I think the game just released an update today (when i go to playstore, there’s no update) , but i open the game (while the progress is loading) a new window pops up (says i have to update my game to continue playing) , i hope i can hear from you asap .
    If there’s (the new update) mod apk , please tell me , and thanks in advance !

      • Hey there !
        The last mods are good / Okay !
        But , please .. this is urgent !!
        add the option of buying (Puppies *Rank 3* and food / Chopper items (Cuz i cant go to Rest stop event without a chopper ) (and i cant move the electric generator to the tower ) because i dont have a chooper (even if i cleared the bunker alfa i cant get the fork and the gas tank) / reverse the Skills points * extra pocket ..etc * .. or just activate the buying option in the shop . ASAP
        I hope i can hear from you ..

  37. When I try toate enter the moded apk it says that I don’t have the last version of the game and when I press the update button it takes me to the google play where I have only the uninstall and open buttons

  38. Hey there !!
    Nowdays its harder to get chopper items such as gas tank & Fork … , I suggest if you can add the buying options as you did before (Chopper items pack …etc ) {{Cuz without this chopper i cant move the elecrtic generator to the tower / i cant participate in RESTSTOP events …
    And we need **Rank 3 puppies** , or just add them all it would amazing !
    I hope u do that ASAP , and thank you

  39. Man I need your help I have the last es file explorer you have updated and I run bluestacks 3 and the last Bluestacks update I I have to redo every which is fine I had all data folder backed up. But now I don’t recall how I have es file explorer set up to view the android data folder or have it connected to windows on my laptop. Can help me out so I can load my last day on earth data save for the new update thank you

  40. Hello god is a gamer bro.we wanna thanks to you.
    really love you so much… thanks bro.
    ??? Friends ?
    Anybody please can you share your save file ? I lost my save data. My memory chip is broken. Please please share your save data with chopper items.
    i begging you guys please anybody share your save data.

  41. Hey, can I build the radio tower? Where’s the warning things so I won’t lose my prgress.

  42. I Havee a Problem with the game mod it works perfectly BUT when i try to build certain item like some of the benches and the dish it does not allow me to do it how can you fix that please.

  43. Bro before on your YouTube channel you had given many save data option and chopper ready data and many more but now on the current version of the game why you are not giving on channel and on the website.please give us the Save data mods of lode.

  44. Descargue el nuevo mod 1.9.8 con los datos de mi juego previamente guardado.
    Carga bien pero en el momento de dividir la app no responde

  45. Mod 1.9.8 crashes when pressing on duplicate Burton.
    Si mod for unlimited objectif doesn’t worked

  46. The item split duplication is not working and the game freezes. (1.9.8 version)
    Pls help if the problem is with the APK file.

  47. Can you please fix the Split button? It currently freezes the game when you click it.

  48. Hello… awesome work man… respect…
    I’ve got a problem still…
    The store has things listed at 0 for their prices…
    I can’t purchase nonetheless…
    It says something like,’oops service not available’
    Can you please do anything about this?

  49. No se puede jugar con mod! El 17 de octubre Kefir lanzó un parche sigue siendo versión 1.9.9 pero con obb (433) y no permite jugar si no sacas mod actualizado ya que ahorita obb es (431)

  50. Can you add the infinite durability to the weapons and clothing back? It would be great!!!

  51. Hi. I have installed the mod 1.9.9 of the Last Day on Earth Survival Mod Apk 1.9.9 Hack & Cheats. but when I execute it, it asks me to update, if I remove the old file from the process it works but I lose all my process, any help?

  52. Downloaded your mod last night.I was in the new location and I wanted to split some gas. The game stops working. It just freezes.Fix it pls. Your website is where I get the mod from. Always worked until this time. Again, is u try to split, the game does.

  53. Godisadamer, are you going to do a 1.10 mod app that has undestuctable weapons and armor yet?

  54. Well i did what it said to download modd erase recent last day move the zombie file somewhere download the modd last day them move the file back 2 data folder is that just gonns be located in the Android file where is at

  55. Hey godisagamer…..can i get saved data with only chopper unlocked rest i will do my own for version 1.11.7

    Or either you patch chopper with the apk

  56. Are all the things that can be crafted are fixed? Cuz when i tried to craft zombie truck kevlar armor and the heli, it didn’t work

  57. Hello, I don’t know if there is any other way to contact you or if you have a discord sever. Anyway, I am having some problems with your mod since the 1.12 update. I am unable to open doors in the bunkers or my base. The interact function is not working, I can’t even enter sector 7 anymore or leave.

  58. Hey sorry but Can you up date the mod of the last day on earth plus (1.12.2) .thx for your work

  59. runs perfectly! chursss mate. only question is how to increase skill point? other than that everything is g 😉

  60. runs perfectly! chursss mate. only question is how to increase skill point? other than that everything is g 😉 edit: nvrmind i thought its the lvl skill point infin haha turns out its the blueprints skillpoint ur talkin bout. yup runs perfectly, and again big thanks!

  61. please mod firstborn.. It is just like last day on earth by the same producer so I think u can help mod it.. Thank you so much godisagamer I love you.

  62. Hi godisagamer Can you update last day on earth to thé version 1.12.3 . And thanks for the last version have a nice day

  63. Hello!
    A question about the mod- does getting coins work? I’m trying to get coins from the store but it gives me an error, in the mod description it says unlimited coins, how do you get coins with the mod?

  64. Hey thanks you for before now Can you update ldoe into 1.14 thanks you vert much for every things

  65. Hey i don’t know if my massage as published so i resent a massage sorry if it’s appear 2 Times so please thanks you vert much to update ldoe to the 1.14 . Have a nice day and continue like that !

  66. GodisAGamer – How do I update the game apk and keep all my current progress? Which files are the saves to be backed up and transfered?

  67. How do I update the game apk and keep all my current progress? Which files are the saves to be backed up and transfered?

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