Justice League Superheroes iOS & Android – Download New Mobile Action RPG

JUSTICE LEAGUE MOBILE: SUPERHEROES  is a new free action role playing game (RPG) with a a single-lane MOBA PVP mode FOR iOS & ANDROID.

It is a trend now for developers to build mobile games based on IP, and it is the same over in China. Justice League Superheroes is a game developed by Longtu Game which has recently been launched in China. DC Comics has officially licensed Longtu Game to publish and develop the game over in China and it is looking really good.

The heroes in the game were all redrawn with permission from DC Comics. Their portraits do not look like the usual artwork drawn by the DC artists but still looks pretty amazing. The heroes are categorized into several classes like in an RPG which includes Warrior, Assassin, Support and Mage. For example, Martian Manhunter is a support AOE healer in the game.

Other than story mode, there are around 10 other side-modes such as PVP, World Boss, a single-lane MOBA PVP mode (which appears regularly in story mode), bounty quests, and more. There are 20 heroes now, and they can either be obtained from the gacha system, or player can collect their pieces from gameplay to form the full hero.

The game has been launched in China and hopefully be marketed globally as well. As a Justice League fan, this looks pretty cool.



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