Fallen World Jurassic Survivor APK MOD 1.101 Download For Android

Fallen World Jurassic Survivor APK MOD
Fallen World Jurassic survivor APK MOD is a brand new mobile survival game from Elex developers. Its about surviving in the Pre-Historic animal world or we call them dinosaurs. Gameplay is much of a combinations of two smashing hit games Last day on earth and Ark survival evolved. An open world survival game where you can tame different dinosaurs and ride them,Kill dozens of enemies including zombies and animals.Its currently available in few countries but you can download Fallen World Jurassic survivor APK MOD Region free APK so you can play it from anywhere.

Welcome to the competitive multiplayer online apocalypse survival game Fallen World: Jurassic Survivor! This is an ancient world where Jurassic dinosaurs and zombies exist side by side. In this enormous, open world of Jurassic apocalypse, you have only one goal: to survive!

In the game, you must gather, chop, and hunt for resources, craft tools and weapons, and build a refuge for yourself from scratch. Join forces with other players and establish a survivor compound, fend off invasions of Infected, and tame and breed all kinds of dinosaurs to fight for you! Do you have what it takes to outlive others in the world’s last days? Your Jurassic apocalypse adventure begins now…

Fallen World Jurassic Survivor Game Features

Tame Dinosaur
Ancient beasts and dinosaurs of yore have returned to Earth: Stegosaurus, Ankylosaur, T-Rex and more. You have the opportunity to capture, tame, and raise these dinosaurs. You can have dinosaurs fight for you, gather resources, be your mount, and accompany you as you survive in the last days of humanity. You can even breed them into genetically superior dino babies!

Destroy all Infected
A zombie virus is wreaking havoc, and dead humans-turned-zombies continue to spread the deadly virus. The virus turns people into vile forms such as Infected, Lurkers, Sprinters, Behemoths, and more. They hide in every corner of this decayed world, and with just your bare hands to protect you, you barely stand a chance. Only by using blueprints and technology to build gear and weapons can you defeat them!

Build a Safe Shelter
Search, gather, grow, build, and upgrade tech. Enjoy the fun of managing your Home, the last bastion of hope in this apocalyptic world. But this world won’t give you a moment’s peace. Upgrade your tech and obtain more resources through battle, then go produce more resources to develop your Home, turning it into the perfect survival fortress to outlast the Jurassic apocalypse.

Survive together, Multiplayer Online Competition
In the apocalypse, every resource is scarce. If you want to survive, you need to put on your best gear and mount your strongest dino. Go pioneering in unknown lands with others from around the world, or go all out attacking and looting the refuges of strangers.

*Coming Soon: Guild System, Refuge Mercenary System, and Multiplayer Co-op Demolition mode are all on the way and will be released soon. Follow us for news and learn about all the new content you can enjoy with your friends!

What’s new in Fallen World: Jurassic survivor 1.101 Update:

New features
1. Added Multi-language switching function
2. Added Weapon skills
3. Added Weekly Card & Monthly Card & Advanced Monthly Card
4. Added Supply box System
5. Added Daily discount package
6. Modified the server time to (UTC/GMT 0).
Optimized the main quest completion mechanics
The main interface now has the pet management option
Optimized the player guidance
Bug fix
Solve the problem that some players lose their items during the previous mission

Fallen World Jurassic Survivor Android Gameplay Trailer

Fallen World Jurassic Survivor DOWNLOAD LINKS:
Fallen-World-Jurassic-Survivor-v1.101.apk – 99.2 MB / MIRROR LINK

Fallen World: Jurassic survivor in the Google Play Store:
Download Fallen World: Jurassic survivor on Android

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  1. The game is updated and works for us in cauntris where it has not been released yet, but only this mode please do and hack for this game as well as for other survival games.

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