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Ark Survival Evolved Aberration Free Download
ARK Survival Evolved Aberration is a paid DLC expansion pack for ARK: Survival Evolved. Ark Survival Evolved Aberration was released for PC, Xbox One and PS4 at the initial price of $19.99 USD but you can free download it on It is also available for purchase (40$) through the season pass.

Ark Survival Evolved Aberration places survivors on a damaged ARK: its internal atmosphere has leaked away, resulting in a harsh surface with intense radiation, and a plethora of lush biomes underground.

Any creatures tamed and items received can be brought to the vanilla island and used by people with and without the expansion. Items from the DLC can also be spawned manually if you don’t own the expansion pack.

Ark Survival Evolved Aberration Free Download For PC

The intense radiation of Ark Survival Evolved Aberration has led to incredible genetic mutations, resulting in new creatures with amazing abilities! Among others, clamber up walls & glide through the air on the back of a camouflaging chameleon-like ‘Rock Drake’, keep the dark at bay with a friendly ‘Bulbdog’, grab and toss multiple creatures simultaneously with a massive ‘Karkinos’, or—if you are talented enough to tame one—command the vile ‘Reaper’ by being impregnated with a horrifying reproductive chest-burster!

New tools are on-hand to survive on the world of Ark Survival Evolved Aberration, while opening up many possibilities for new competitive and cooperative scenarios. Traverse the ARK using cave-climbing picks, gliding wingsuits, and ziplines. Learn advanced Engrams to dominate the harsh environment, protect yourself with Hazmat Suits, Charge Lanterns, Batteries, Glow Sticks, and much more. Thrive by gathering new resources, using fishing baskets, Gas Collectors, fortify your home within the caverns using cliff structures, and much more!

Earthquakes, radiation exposure, gas leaks, and Element chambers are among the many hazards that survivors will learn to grapple with Ark Survival Evolved bberration’s varied biomes, both aboveground and below the surface. But among the greatest challenges on this ruined ARK is the hierarchy of unrelenting Nameless, requiring constant vigilance & Charge Energy to defend against!

And in the deepest depths of Ark Survival Evolved Aberration, their terrifying — yet somehow familiar — master awaits… will YOU be among the survivors powerful enough to face him?

Ark Survival Evolved Aberration Gameplay Trailer


Ark Survival Evolved Aberration System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7/8.1/10 (64-bit versions)
Processor: Intel Core i5-2400/AMD FX-8320 or better
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 670 2GB/AMD Radeon HD 7870 2GB or better
Storage: 20 GB available space
Additional Notes: Requires broadband internet connection for multiplayer

Ark Survival Evolved Aberration Full Game Crack + DLC Torrent Free Download

1. Download game and Extract .zip file
2. Click on rld-arsuevab.iso
3. Also Click setup.exe and install game
4. Copy content from Crack folder into game folder
5. Finally Click Host \ Local and Choose Mod Features

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Ark: Survival Evolved Aberration – Expansion Pack

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